Carsten Egevang. PhotoCarsten Egevang

Greenland has my heart - and that's where I mostly unfold as a photographer. On I present some of my favorite photos from Greenland, but also display some of the other photographic work I am involved in. I take photo assignments in both Denmark and Greenland.

I am an experienced speaker and author of photo books on Greenland along with popular articles. Besides, I am the founder and administrator of Greenland's largest stock photo agency ARC-PIC.COM.

I am awarded in several international photo competitions, including as category winner in the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year - the highest position a Dane yet received the prestigious competition. I am also awarded "Danish Nature Photographer" in 2011 and receiver of the Greenland Government "Environment and Nature Prize" in 2012.

I'm trained as a biologist from the University of Copenhagen, with a PhD degree in Arctic biology. I'm affiliated with the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources, where I primarily work with Greenland seabirds. I have lived in Nuuk in the period 2002 - 2008, and although I now live in Copenhagen, I have maintained my connection to Greenland, where I come at least three times a year.

Among the Greenland birds, I have my own favorite, the little auk, but it's for my work with another seabird, the Arctic tern that I am most known in the public. As the leader of an international research team, I was the first in the world map Arctic tern incredible movements from Greenland to Antarctica and back again - the longest annual migration in the animal world. These results traveled around the world, and are communicated through the website ARCTICTERN.INFO.