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Download the SAFBR Key Findings and Advice for Monitoring

Download the SAFBR full report

Download the SAFBR Key Findings and Advice for Monitoring

Starri Heiðmarsson What Key Findings stand out?

Starri Heiðmarsson explains what changes we are seeing in vegetation in the Arctic

Chief Mickey Stickman interview on recent changes in the Arctic

Knud Falk Why is coordinated monitoring important?

Mark Gillespie explains how the CBMP can help improve Arctic arthropod monitoring

Tom Barry Key findings from the START

Tom Christensen Why is the CBMP important?

CAFF State of the Arctic Terrestrial Biodiversity

Jim Lawler How are mammals responding to change?

Casey Burns (BLM) shares findings on birds from the CBMP's START Report

Christine Cuyler (GINR) discusses results from the CBMP's START report

Casey Burns (BLM) explains the findings that he finds hopeful from the CBMP's START report

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